Hi, I’m Dottie. I am a seamstress, designer, and apron maker who loves the 50's. I'm a 3rd generation Denver, Colorado native.

MY APRONS:  I started making aprons when I was a teenager and in 4-H. Back then, I used to make a pile of aprons and halter tops, and then drag them around the neighborhood in a wagon and try to sell them. I can't remember if any were bought, but you can see that I love to make and sell cute aprons.

I wear aprons when I'm around the house cooking or throwing parties. I prefer half-aprons; those vintage ones that are made out of gingham and have embroidered designs, like roosters or kittens. I think those are really retro and cute. My mom does not understand why I would like those, she likes the ones that I make more. Thanks mom.

My style and theme of my apron shop is “retro 50's diner, or retro ice cream shop”. I try to make my aprons look like something a retro waitress would wear, if she was living in Mayberry in the 50's. I also like to make everything super-sexy and adorable. I don’t have a favorite style in my shop, but I do love anything that is pink and baby blue together, like cotton candy. I also love the combination of red and white.

I spend about 2 hours on each apron I make. I have made a LOT of these aprons and sometimes I kind of go through the motions like a zombie, but at least I have all the bugs worked out, and I hardly ever mess up anymore.

I love retro-glam outfits, polka dots, pink, red, glitter, costumes, burlesque, performing on stage, 40's and 50's stuff, strong women, loud gals, bubble-gum, cowgirls, country carnivals, gingham, ruffles, lace, daisies, and kitsch. ALL of that comes out in my apron shop, and this is my personality.

Thank you for stopping in!

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