a Beautiful Cake by The Royal Bakery

I wanted to show off this really cool cake that was made by The Royal Bakery. You may go ahead and drool over it, I am.
Lesley from the Royal Bakery contacted me out of the blue with this picture just to let me know that she had used my apron (my best-selling diner apron) as inspiration for a cake! I was totally flattered, and then after my huge ego had calmed down a bit I went and looked at this more.

I think everything on here is edible and made out of frosting or something like it- even the gingham and that shiny metal finish on the utensils. I mean this is some serious shit right here.

Then I thought, whoa I bet she has like a ton of followers with this much talent, so  I went to her Facebook page to check it out, and was blown away at the sheer number of interactive followers she has. 205,000 followers lol!!! So, then I was all "oh shit if she posted my apron on her timeline I am going to be swamped! I was. ha ha I also got some followers and some high fives and thumbs ups. It was nice while it lasted that is for sure. I was amazed how her followers comment and like and share all of her posts, and I can see why for sure.

So, here is my apron beside her cake. My aprons usually take me about 2 hours to make- that is nothing compared to what she must have put into this. I think she also makes tutorials to sell along with each new creation. 

This person is someone I need to follow, be around, make my new best friend, stalk (ok not that far)- but you know how when you are around people like this it just makes you want to be better? That is what I am feeling.
Great art right here.

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