Barbie Apron

Hi and welcome to my lovely and dysfunctional blog!
For my first post on this blog I'm going to start an actual project. The project is "Barbie through the years, made into aprons".
I am going to make an apron for every year of Barbie, starting with 1959 (which happens to be the year I was born).
So, I'm starting with the first-ever 1959 Barbie. The first Barbie had a black and white striped swimsuit. This suit has become a sort of Barbie icon.
Here is the apron finally!

Barbie was born in March of1959, just like me! The first Barbie wore this black and white striped swimsuit, and had a blonde ponytail. There was a brunette as well.

A cute model wearing a retro Barbie inspired swimsuit.
This is an anniversary Barbie that come out to mark the Barbie 50th. See how the outfit is updated, but keeps the retro look? Super adorable.

I found this fabric, I don't know why it's so hard to find 1" wide black and white stripe fabric, but it is.
I also found this super fun fabric. A cute colorful multi dot. I think these will be cute together. Can't wait to get started, I will let you know when it's done.

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